Design to Boost your Business

A well designed sign can give a big boost to your business.  In contrast a poorly designed sign can turn people away.  It is essential to choose a sign company that has experienced and talented designers to make the most of your new signs or wraps.

Experienced In-House Designers

We are fortunate enough to have two talented in-house graphic designers who have local market knowledge and are happy to chat in person or on the phone about your design.

We have a wealth of design experience including logo creation, corporate branding, vehicle graphics, signage, shop design, advertising, illustration and menu design.


Professional Logo Design

Your logo is the face and identity of your business.  Building a solid identity can become one of your company’s greatest assets and help you to look established, professional, trustworthy and reliable.  We use a well thought out combination of colours, fonts, graphics and marketing methods to create a memorable logo that clearly identifies you and can bring your business to life.


Creative Wrap Design

Printed vehicle wrap designs are our specialty.  We have been designing vehicle wraps for many years and know what makes an effective wrap.  Text size and placement over door jams, handles, curved areas, around windscreen wipers, number plates and badges are all part of the job for us.  If you have your own designer, we can work with them on sizing, placement and tips to get the best result.